Summers in the Limousin are usually settled and quite hot, often in the 30s Centigrade on sunny days. There's enough rain to keep the countryside green, with occasional thunderstorms that clear the air and pass quickly.   May and September are often the best months for bright clear days with pleasantly warm sunshine.   June is usually quite hot and sunny, perfect for relaxing by the pool and still cool enough for walking, cycling and exploring.   July and August normally see the temperatures up into the 30s, with long hot days and balmy evenings with spectacular sunsets.

Fine, warm weather usually lasts through September and well into October, making the autumn leaf colours quite stunning.

Winters are usually cold, sometimes with snow with frequent crisp, dry, sunny weather. Of course we have our fair share of rain; that's why the Limousin is so lush. And when it rains, it really rains, but then usually passes quite quickly.

Spring is gorgeous with wild flowers in profusion at roadsides, woodlands and riverbanks, and trees in blossom and bursting into leaf.

So overall, it's warmer than the UK but not unbearably hot, with higher light levels and cleaner air. A pleasant, easy climate to live in.
2019-11-14 9°C
2019-11-15 6°C
2019-11-16 7°C
2019-11-17 6°C
2019-11-18 8°C